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Forum Entrance Test. Empty Forum Entrance Test.

on Sun Oct 28, 2018 3:32 pm
It's really quite simple at this forum, we believe in an extreme vetting procedure when it concerns being a part of this internet forum and community. You will either pass this entrance exam and test becoming a member here answering the questions correctly or you will fail in which case your account will be permanently banned along with your IP address instantly. Respond with one reply in this thread to the questions only, this is mandatory for all new members unless I say otherwise. Do not post in any other area or threads of the forum until you have been processed in this thread here.  All new members joining the forum and their posts will be moderated until they're approved by myself. Do not under any circumstances try to violate this process of membership vetting or if you do you'll end up instantly banned. Play by the rules and guidelines you'll be fine in enjoying your stay here.

Answer the following questions:

1. Who rules the world currently?

2. What is your opinion about Donald Trump?

3. What is your opinion on Barack Obama?

4. What is your opinion on world war II?

5. What is your opinion on crony-capitalism?

6. What is your opinion on neo liberal democracy?

7. What are your views on cosmopolitan civic nationalism?

8. What is your opinion on globalism?

9. Where do you see the future of the world going?

10. What are your views on foreign immigration?

11. What's your opinion on political correctness and censorship?

12. What is your opinion on European identity or cultural enthusiasts?

13. What's your opinion on nationalism?

14. What's your opinion on the current new world order?

...And please remember this here below always.....

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